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Uncontrolled Vocabulary #43 – All the librarians support us

May 21, 2008

Uncontrolled Vocabulary #43 is now available for download. Here’s a direct link to the mp3.

You can subscribe to the podcast (as well as this blog) via the following feed:

On the call:

Greg Schwartz, Louisville Free Public Library
Nathan Flinchum, Roanoke Public Libraries
Kathryn Greenhill, Murdoch University
Rikhei Harris, Grand Valley State University
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISTen, the podcast
Tim Keneipp, La Crosse Public Library
Michael Sauers, Nebraska Library Commission

Links to the show topics:

1. Libraries may get saved (Commercial Appeal)

2. Followup on Is this how we encourage people to contribute? (Information Wants To Be Free)
Library Speakers Anonymous

3. Cover letter meme (Llyfrgellydd)

4. Libraries Embrace Digital Audiobooks (LISWire)

5. The Oregon Question

6. OCLC and Google to exchange data, link digitized books to WorldCat (OCLC)

7. Hartford Public Library: A Study In Bad Behavior (Hartford Courant)
Illicit Activities At Library? Police Chief Reacts (Hartford Courant)

8. The New IT Librarian Application (Library Garden)

9. Old Maids, Policeman, and Social Rejects: Mass Media Representations and Public Perceptions of Librarians (Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship)

Homework for next week: San Jose Library’s Filter Report Not Enough for City Councilor (AL Online)
Internet Filtering: Software Tests (pdf)

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