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Uncontrolled Vocabulary #41 – Parent-Child Relationships in the Metadata

May 8, 2008

Uncontrolled Vocabulary #41 is now available for download. Here’s a direct link to the mp3.

You can subscribe to the podcast (as well as this blog) via the following feed:

On the call:

Greg Schwartz, Louisville Free Public Library
Laura Carscaddon, University of Arizona
Steven Cohen
Connie Crosby, Leisure Girl
Laura Crossett, Park County (WY) Library System
Jason Griffey, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Rikhei Harris, Grand Valley State University
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISTen, the podcast
Courtney Stephens, Belmont University

Links to the show topics:

1. Oh the Joys of Management and Directorship (Gather No Dust)

2. Free Little Brother for librarians, teachers, etc — a tipjar alternative for people who loved the free ebook (Boing Boing)

3. Your BIGWIG

4. FBI Withdraws Unconstitutional National Security Letter After ACLU and EFF Challenge (EFF)
FBI Targets Internet Archive With Secret ‘National Security Letter’, Loses (Wired)

5. Is this how we encourage people to contribute? (Information Wants To Be Free)

6. U.C. Berkeley student’s Twitter messages alerted world to his arrest in Egypt (Mercury News)
Bestiaries, Lockdown, and Twitter (bavatuesdays)

7. Grassroots storytime (Open Stacks)

On the agenda, but out of time:
AP, newspapers fit print into iPhone (Marketplace)
Experimental Xerox Paper Erases Itself, Results In Temporary Documents On Reusable Paper (Xerox)
Copyright and the World’s Most Popular Song (Social Sciences Research Network)

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  1. Jason permalink

    The comment about librarians complaining about their salaries while sitting in their offices checking FB all day made me burst out laughing in my office. Thanks for that šŸ™‚

    You’ve inspired me to begin thinking about an Indiana Librarians podcast. We’ll see what happens….

  2. Hey Jason! Do I count as an Indiana librarian, if I live there, but work in Kentucky? ‘Cause if so, I’m in (if you’re looking for additional participation).

  3. Is this a show for discussing library and librarian issues or just a venue for Stephen Kellat to pimp his stuff?

  4. Well, what can I say? Some people are more inclined to self-promote than others. I do a lot of talking about how poor we are as self-promoters. Stephen works on the other side of that spectrum. I understand that it’s aggressive at times and not to everyone’s taste. I also know that I’m trying my best not to shut down any of the participants, without whom there would be no show.

  5. Now that I’ve had a chance to finish listening to the whole show, I can comment on the portion that is most relevant to me. šŸ™‚

    UofR has an emergency system that sends out email, phone, and text messages to those who have opted into it. At this point, only 30% have done so. Hopefully this incident will increase that number. There are legitimate logistical and philosophical reasons that makes it an opt-in system, but your institutions may feel otherwise if/when they implement something similar.

    Twitter became a valuable information sharing tool among those of us stuck in the classrooms because despite having a fully functional alert system, there was a communication breakdown between the police and the university staff responsible for the communications system. Several people joined Twitter that day as a result, but I don’t forsee it becoming a replacement for the efficient and reliable technology already in place for disseminating emergency information. However, as one person in the Unvocab conversation put it, it was a comfort to those of us using it.

  6. @Anna – Yeah, Twitter does something more than an emergency broadcast system ever could. It connects you to people you care about and who care about you and might be in a position to take action on your behalf. That’s powerful stuff.

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