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March 22, 2008

I decided that I wanted to have some sort of Uncontrolled Vocabulary T-shirt to wear at Computers in Libraries. Easiest way to do that was through CafePress, so I’m pleased to introduce the Uncontrolled Vocabulary Merch Shop.

As you’ll immediately notice, my design skills are pretty limited, although not bad for 1 AM. All the shirts are the same, with the Unvocab notebook logo on the front and a “No Censors No Shushers” message on the back, along with the site URL.* If you are feeling generous and are inclined to improve upon my work, drop me a line.

In case you’re wondering, all CafePress merch has been marked up exactly one dollar. Where does that dollar go? Well, in the spirit of transparency, I’ll admit that costs to run this show are pretty low with help from LISHost and TalkShoe. It would most likely help offset the costs of purchasing/renewing the four domains that support this site (.com, .net, .info and .org). If, for whatever reason, the store proves wildly popular, then I’d put any additional money into a better headset. But I’m no fool. I’ll be happy (and a bit surprised) if anyone besides me wants one enough to actually pay for it.

That said, if you want a shirt and want it in time for CiL, get your order in. I ordered last night and with economy shipping the expected delivery date is April 1st or 2nd.

I may also throw a Paypal donation box up on the blog, in the event that someone wants to support the show, but doesn’t really need a material incentive to do so. My sincerest thanks for your support of the show in whatever form it takes, whether you tell your friends, participate in the live show or just listen every week.

* Correction: The “Value T-shirt” does not have anything printed on the back.

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