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Uncontrolled Vocabulary #22 – Nowhere near Nebraska

December 12, 2007

Uncontrolled Vocabulary #22 is now available for download. Here’s a direct link to the mp3.

You can subscribe to the show via the podcast feed (now available at the iTunes Music Store):

On the call:

Greg Schwartz, Louisville Free Public Library
Christa Burns, Nebraska Library Commission
Laura Crossett, Park County (WY) Library System
Karin Dalziel, University of Missouri-Columbia student
Ryan Deschamps, Halifax Public Library
Joshua M. Neff, Johnson County Public Library
Michael Sauers, Nebraska Library Commission

Links to the show topics:

1. Facebook Beacon
Thoughts on Beacon (The Facebook Blog)
Facebook Is Always Watching You (Wired)
About Face(book) (Fortune)
Zuckerberg Caves In, Lets Facebook Users Turn Off Beacon (Wired)
Facebook’s Beacon was illegal as well as dumb (Boing Boing) Puts a Bet on Privacy (New York Times)

2. On not winning the Nobel Prize (
In Nobel Speech, Doris Lessing Blames the Internet for a Decline in Book Reading (Chronicle of Higher Education)

3. House vote on illegal images sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web sites (CNET
Wi-Fi ‘illegal images’ politician defends legislation (CNET

4. A Librarian’s Worst Nightmare (Slate)

5. Pooling Scholars’ Digital Resources (Inside Higher Ed)
Zotero Commons: Who Needs Libraries? (Library 2.0)

6. Max Planck Society terminates licensing contract with Springer publishing house (heise online)

7. Book Talk Flap Followed by Librarian’s Dismissal (AL Online)

8. Some initial thoughts on library advertising in Facebook (The Distant Librarian)


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One Comment
  1. Jaclyn McKewan permalink

    I just wanted to say that I “got” the reference to the great 90s Canadian band Moxy Fruvous that Laura made during the Doris Lessing discussion. (I confess, I always get that song stuck in my head whenever I hear her name!) Too bad that the band is no longer together, but they live on in my mp3 player.

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