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Two new easy ways to call in live

September 7, 2007

TalkShoe released a update for their TalkShoe client Friday that contains two features worth highlighting, particularly for those of you who hesitated to call in previously.

1. You don’t need to sign up to call in.

For those of you who cited unwillingness and/or disinterest in registering at TalkShoe as a barrier to participation in the live call, hesitate no longer. Anyone can now call in without a TalkShoe account. You’ll dial the same phone number (724-444-7444) and TalkCast ID (38665), but instead of the PIN, you’ll dial 1# and be brought into the call just as if you were a TalkShoe member.

2. The built-in ShoePhone VoIP client is now available and FREE.

This is for the folks who don’t have unlimited calling plans on their cell phones (like me, for instance). In order to take advantage of this free VoIP call into the show, you will need to sign up at TalkShoe, so that you can download the TalkShoe Live app. Then when you join the show from the website, the Shoephone will be available from within the chatroom. It’s one-click simple and worked well in my testing.

There are some other interesting upgrades to the TalkShoe Live client that will be obvious to people who’ve participated in the past. In fact, those of you who participate in the live show via the TalkShoe Live app might want to trying joining in a different TalkCast this week, just to take care of the auto-updating before next Thursday. I could also set up a dummy call that would give folks the opportunity to update and check out the new client. If I sense any interest in that, I’ll post here.

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