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Uncontrolled Vocabulary #6 – A big ol’ mess, which I find fascinating

August 3, 2007

Uncontrolled Vocabulary #6 is now available for download. Here’s a direct link to the mp3.

You can subscribe to the show via the podcast feed (now available at the iTunes Music Store):

On the call:

Greg Schwartz, Louisville Free Public Library
Laura Carscaddon, University of Arizona
Mary Carmen Chimato, North Carolina State University
Laura Crossett, Park County (WY) Library System
Michael K. Pate, Highlands County (FL) Library System
Michael Sauers, Nebraska Library Commission
Chadwick Seagraves, Private Academic Library Network of Indiana
Cindi Trainor, Eastern Kentucky University

Links to the show topics:

1. The Future of the Carnival of the Infosciences (InfoSciPhi)

2. Need a read? Get books from own library, Michigan court says (Detroit Free Press)
High court weighs right to check out library books (WOOD8 TV News – older story with additional background)

3. Libraries Examine Policies As Two Counties Target Illegals (American Libraries Online)

4. Mission Creep In Library System Deserves Fresh, Closer Look (Tampa Tribune via

5. Does Self-Checkout Make Libraries Less Friendly? (Seattlest)
Comments from Heidi Go Seek
Comments from Lost Baggage (Comment links courtesy of Library Stuff)

6. Am I a 2.0 Librarian and the Library 2.0 Spectrum (David Lee King)
Library 2.0 spectrum thingie – asking for your input! (David Lee King)

7. Court Battle Between Recorded Books and NetLibrary Heats Up
Recorded Books, NetLibrary in Lawsuits Over Audiobook Service (Library Journal)

8. Your Cheatin’ Listenin’ Ways (New York Times)


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  1. Paul R. Pival permalink

    Hi Greg, would you consider making the shows available as “enhanced” files? The majority of your topics seem to be pretty Public Library-centric, and often I’d prefer to skip over those; having topic “chapters” would really speed my listening. Of course if you’re just throwing up whatever Talkshoe produces that’s another issue, but thanks for the consideration.Keep up the good work!

  2. Greg Schwartz permalink

    You pretty much hit it. I don’t even have to throw anything up. It does it automatically. Lack of post-production is one of the central appeals for me of using TalkShoe.Incidentally, I don’t know of any free way to create an enhanced podcast on a PC.Now if you want us to talk about more academic-oriented topics, you just have to suggest them (preferably using the tag unvocab). My environmental scan is pretty public library-oriented, but the usual crew of participants is actually pretty evenly balanced.Thanks for listening.

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