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Announcing the pilot

June 21, 2007

I’ve tentatively scheduled the pilot episode of Uncontrolled Vocabulary for Thursday, June 28th at 10 PM Eastern. I’m planning on letting the recording run about an hour.

Here’s how you participate:

1. Go to TalkShoe and create an account. When you do so, you’ll create a 10-digit PIN. Remember it.
2. Download the Talkshoe Live! application from the site. I think this may happen automatically when you try to join the TalkCast for the first time, so you might be able to just go to step 3.
3. Go to the Uncontrolled Vocabulary page on TalkShoe and look for the Live Now! box. Click where it says “Listen, Text or Talk live.” This will open up the TalkShoe Live! client and take you into the audio stream and chat environment.

Here’s how you call in and join the audio conversation:

1. Dial 1-724-444-7444
2. Enter the show ID: 38665
3. Enter your 10-digit PIN, which will uniquely identify you and match your voice capability with your presence in the chatroom.

You can also just stream the show without creating an account by going to the TalkShoe site, finding the show and clicking on Listen. But consider this my first of many attempts to get you to actively participate.

Once the show is recorded, it will be available here in the embedded player, via an RSS feed that I haven’t settled on yet and from the TalkShoe page for the show.

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  1. Christina permalink

    Sounds interesting and I’ll try to join…

  2. Connie permalink

    Very cool….just got back home at the end of the show. Great idea, Greg!Cheers,Connie

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